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The Golden Yak is the rarest of all from this exotic breed. The Golden color comes from a recessive gene that is found in very few of these Yaks, and is found even in the wild Yaks of the Himalayan Mountains, as well as the domesticated yaks around the Himalayan region, especially Nepal. This color does not come from recent hybridization with cattle breeds here in the USA. These are pure yaks.

DELYAKS has the largest and most genetically diverse herd of Golden Yaks in North America. Each Generation of these beautiful Golden Yaks gets lighter and lighter in color. Now we are producing 4th Generation Golden Royals that appear almost all white from a distance, but indeed have ultralight Golden coloration in addition to large portions of the pure white Royal color pattern.

Consider choosing Golden Yaks to become the most unique, exotic, pure Yak breeder in your area. 

Whether you are a progressive cattleman, exotic breeder, a small acreage pioneer, or looking for that alternative cattle breed; Yaks are the superior choice.

Explore the FAKS™! Here you can find all the information you need to start your Yak herd, from the History of the Yak, to the Appearance, to the Upkeep, to the Growth and Maturity, to Cross Breeding, and even the Yak Products. Here at DELYAKS, we strive to inform you about Yaks and Yak products.

So whether you want to start your first Yak herd or try our Yak products, don't be shy to look around. If you don't find what you were looking for here on our website, be sure to email or call us with any questions or comments you might have.

Thank you for your consideration, time, trust, and especially for your purchases of these beautiful Golden Yaks.

God Bless you, Bob, Ann, Matt, and Tim; The Hasse's; DELYAKS

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Come Visit Us at the Stock Show

DELYAKS will be at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado from January 23 to January 26th. Please come join us and see some of our herd. We will be there to answer questions about raising yaks, and will have several for sale. Email Bob at info@yakmeat.us if you would like to meet up with him at the Stock Show. 



Hi ___,         12/18/19

Response to your inquiry about 103D-O yearling bull yak:

He is definitely an eye catching beautiful specimen of these awesome yaks.

Are you going to be coming to the National Western Stock Show in Denver from 1/23 to 1/26? He, and many of his buddies, male and female, will be there. We have about 100 yaks, mostly Goldens and Golden Royals, and are the foundation herd of Golden Yaks in North America. We have been working diligently to produce the highest percentage white in our Royals, and working to produce the lightest color Goldens. Our 103D-O is the culmination to date of this breeding program.

All our Goldens are naturally docile and easy to handle, including 103D-O, even though we do not halter train them, or bottle feed them, or give them treats, as I believe it is an unhealthy practice to give yaks grain based treats. (Or grains of any kind, ever, for that matter.)

We also intentionally breed out excessive guard hair development, what is commonly referred to as "Woollies", as this interferes with quality wool production and harvesting of the wool from these animals.

Hopefully some of these facts intrigue you, and develops your interest in these Golden yaks.

Let me know what your specific interests and goals are, and how I may be able to help you along the way toward meeting those goals.

Thanks a lot,





Hi ___,          12/17/19

Thanks for inquiring bout this awesome yearling yak, 103D-O.

He is a 4th generation Golden Royal, a little over a year old. Each generation of Goldens gets lighter and lighter in color.

If you go to our website at www.yaksale.com , you can see him as a baby, as well as his older brother as an adult bull yak. Also check out our website at www.yakmeat.us .

Where are you located? Can you come to visit him in his pasture? He would love to show you around here in western Colorado.

Let me know your thoughts,


Bob Hasse, DELYAKS

Montrose, CO


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