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Yak Filet / Steak / Cubes / Burger  7# Sampler Combo; 2 -1# Yak Ground Burger 93% lean, 1 - Yak Fancy Tender Cubes 1 lb. portion pack, 1# Yak Flatiron Filets, 1# Yak N.Y. Strip Sirloin (Coulotte) Filets, 1# Yak N.Y. Strip Steaks, 1# Yak Filet Mignon; all grassfed, hormone and steroid free, $197.77. (with 7# weight calculation); WOW!!! A fabulous deal on the most Extreme Meat Premium Combo Package on the Planet !! Have a YAK Party, and compare favorites with all your guests and family.

Yak Filet / Steak / Cubes / Burger 7# Sampler Combo

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