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Whether you're a Restaurant Owner, or a Cook, or someone looking for a new healthier organic red meat; Yakmeat™ is your number 1 choice.
Along with Yakmeat™, we also offer skulls and tail hair. So whether you're a leather or craft artist; Yaks offer you everything you need to have a high quality, unique piece.

Here you can order organic Yak meat and our Yak Products online and have it shipped anywhere within the continental United States or if your doing a little research, we have all the information you would need to know about the products that Yaks can offer. Everything from organic Yak meat, to Yak Skulls, to Yak Leather, to Yak Wool, to Yak Hair, to even Yak Milk.

So whether you would like to add organic Yakmeat™ to your menu or your diet, or would love a new product to add to your crafts; DELYAKS Products are the way to go. Take a look around and if you can't find it here, contact us and we will work together to meet your needs.

Note: We do have a $97 minimum meat order requirement, before shipping and handling costs are added on, on all orders, to be able to ship at these rates


The Check Out page for ordering Yak Meat products is a "secure site"(https://). Your credit card number and all personal information not related to the shipment itself will never be seen by the seller, Desert End Ltd., nor by any third party; and is only available to Paypal, for payment of this order.



Mountain Exotic Gourmet™ Brand Yak Meat products are flash-frozen, packaged in clear cryovac packs, and shipped in an insulated container (with dry ice if necessary for longer/warmer climate shipments).


Your order to be shipped within the continental United States (except Florida) will be delivered by FedEx Ground, unless air freight is specified in your "Comments" to us. All other destinations must be shipped via air freight. An insulated container / dry ice / handling fee of $24.77 per order/ single destination will be added to the cost of your order automatically. For all FedEx Ground shipments, a $3.33 per pound freight fee is charged for shipping. THIS COST IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE MEAT PACKAGE BUNDLE. THE BREAKDOWN IS IN THE DESCRIPTION . When air freight is specified or required, complete your on-line order as though being delivered by ground freight, but in "Comments" to us via e-mail, specify air freight. The additional cost of the air freight will be e-mailed to you along with instructions for completing the order.


Thank You for ordering your Mountain Exotic Gourmet™ Brand Yak Meats. Most ground freight orders will be shipped on Mondays to avoid weekend package layovers and spoilage. Shipping times are usually 2 to 4 days, depending on distance from Colorado. Most shipments are left without a signature being required. For ordering, airfreight and other shipping questions or instructions, please email us at  Some whole loins aren't listed on this On-line Ordering page, but can be ordered by sending a "Comments" e-mail to us, describing your whole loin needs, and asking how to proceed. We will send a return e-mail with instructions.

Note: We do have a $97 minimum meat order requirement on all orders to be able to ship at these rates.

Thank you for trying this wonderful new meat experience! Enjoy! Bob

Meat Bundles 

If you have questions about ordering meat from us please message us below and we will get back with you as soon as we are in the office. 

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