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Here at DELYAKS, we not only sell the animals, we also sell the products that yaks can produce. Here you will find a description of the products that yaks can produce, pricing on various items, and what we have available to you.
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Each Yak skull is naturally cleaned and sun bleached .
Each one of our Designed Skulls are one of a kind. Created right here in Montrose, Colorado. 

Undecorated Yak Skulls

Start with a naturally processed Yak Skull and Design your own creation, or have your local leather or crafts artist create that one of a kind piece.

Or simply place in a yard location for all to see and admire God's handiwork. Undecorated Yak skulls range from $100 to $200 each, depending on size and attributes.

Designed Yak Skulls

Buy a one of a kind Yak Skull.
Designed with glass, beads, feathers, leather, and semi-precious stones.

Leather Design Yak Skulls

Buy a Leather Design Yak Skull. Designed with leather, fur, feathers, glass, beads, and color stones.
Note: Leather comes in a multitude of colors.

Prices vary depending on what you want, please contact us for options and pricing.


Buy a Yak tail for human wigs, clown wigs, fly tying materials, ropes, reins, or anything you can think of to use Yak tail hair for.

Yak Fact: Chewy - StarWars suit was made out of Yak hair.

Yak Tails

Available Colors: Black, Black and White, White, and Gold.

Prices range from $30 to $100 depending on length and color.

Photo coming soon.

Hides 1.JPG
Hide 2.JPG
Hide 3.JPG

Pics of Golden Yak Hides. $1500 each


Yak Wool makes great sweaters, hats, socks, blankets, or gloves.
Yak Fact: Yak wool is comparable to cashmere.

Available Black/Grey, White and Golden! Unclean, raw Yak Wool. Prices range between $4 and $7 / oz.. Contact Us today to order.

Yak Hides

Yak Hides, with fur on makes a great throw rug, blanket, or bed covering.

Available in Black and White. Special Orders available in Black, Golden, and Golden and White.

Please Contact Us for instructions on ordering.


35% white and 65% black with very minor gold tinge. This hide is more lustrous than the other hide, and has longer fibers, but isn't as plush. This hide is more striking to the eye than the other hide. Dimensions are: width maximum 6.5 feet, width average 5.5 feet, length maximum 6.5 feet, length average 6.0 feet. Weight is 25 to 30 pounds.

yak hide 2.jpg

25% white and 75% black with substantial gold tinge. The gold tinge is far more noticeable in this hide than in the other hide. This hide is more plush, fuller wool thickness than the other hide. Dimensions are: width maximum 6.5 feet, width average 6.0 feet, length maximum 7.0 feet, length average 6.5 feet. Weight is 25 to 30 pounds. Price is $1277 plus freight and packing

Yak Products

Meat: The most economically important product from the Yak is its juicy, flavorful, and healthy meat. The flavor can be compared to sweet beef flavor with no gaminess and no greasy after taste. While being 95% fat-free, its delicate, delicious flavor comes from its unique distribution of fatty acid percentages. Yaks are extremely low in palmitic acid that is bad for our health (30% less than beef as a percentage of fats and 120% less than beef as a percentage of meat.) Yak meat is also much lower in calories, saturated fats, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Simultaneously, Yak meat is much higher in stearic and oleic acids that are good for us (35% higher than beef as a percentage of fats.) Yak meat is also higher in protein and solids (less water) than beef. All these "Faks™" combine to suggest that Yak meat may be the healthiest meat you can eat, certainly better than beef, or even buffalo, elk, or skinless chicken. Yak is even lower in fat than salmon. All this is accomplished on a grass/forage diet alone, with no grain, hormone, steroid, or antibiotic feed supplements. Furthermore, Half-Yak meat chemistries and flavor are almost identical to pure Yak meat. For your own homegrown meat supply, there is no choice that is healthier and tastier than your own Yak or Yak-cross meat.


Wool and Hair Production is an added bonus for this wonderful species. Whether you card and knit with your own wool, or simply choose to sell your wool, you will appreciate this wool that is comparable to angora or cashmere in its superiority and feel. Yak wool is said to be worth $16 per ounce carded and cleaned or $4 per ounce uncarded. Yaks will average one pound of wool per year that must be combed out each spring if you choose to harvest this product. Yak guard hairs are almost identical in texture to human hair and are used for wig production.


Milk: In China, Yak x Holstein or Yak x Hereford cross cows are milked for their very rich milk which is used primarily for production of butter and cheese. The export demand for these products is greater than supply. In this country there is no Yak-cross milk or milk by-product market developed as yet. This could become a future production opportunity for American breeders.


Yak Leather, Hides, Skulls and Tails: Yak leather can go to normal leather processing. Other specialty markets are currently being developed for this wooly, longhaired hide, as well as processed skulls and tails.


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